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The database for Google Site Image, greasemonkey script.
Google Site Image adds an image of website (logo or banner) to the right side of search result.

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* url (required) [String]
A part of URL to match with the link in search result. In actual spec, the value type is *String*, not RegExp.


* img (required, img or html) [Array of String]
A list of image URL. The URL is absolute path.
You must use Array type even if the array contains just one URL.

example: [""]
example: ["", ""]

* html (required, img or html) [String]
A String of html. It's embedded in DIV element instead of IMG element.

example: <span style="font-size: x-large; color: white; background-color: black;"></span>

* css (optional) [String]
The string of CSS applied to DIV element contain one or more IMG element.
Usually this used to specify the background color for transparent logo image. However, you can use full CSS in this property, so it allow you insert your own element by using "content:" CSS property.

example: barckground-color: #012345; padding-right: 5px;

GreasemonkeyスクリプトであるGoogle Site Imageのためのデータベースです。
Google Site ImageはGoogleの検索結果の右側に一目でそのサイトと分かるようなロゴやバナーなどの画像を追加します。

Require keys url
Optional keys img html css
Permit other keys true
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Created at 2009-04-18T15:21:08+09:00
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