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About ** About **
JSONP API service directory.

** Attributes **
- url
JSONP endpoint url. The part that embrased by "{}" is used as template and replaced by parameter value.

- queryParams
List of parameter names (separated by blank space).
These parameters are passed as url query string (DON'T include JSONP callback parameter).

- jsonpParam
Parameter name that specifies callback function name.
If not specified, it assumes "callback" as default value.

** Metadata Attributes **
Other attrs can be included in order to add metadata informatin to parameters.
For example, you can specify label information for displaying parameter prompt to users.

*** attribute format ***

*** metadata attrs ***
- label
- required
- datatype
- options

** Sample Client **

Require keys url
Optional keys queryParams jsonpParam
Permit other keys true
Created by stomita
Created at 2008-08-29T02:26:42+09:00
Updated at 2009-01-22T15:48:32+09:00